Thoughts During the Super Moon 2013

by mrwhwy61

somewhere out there I imagine
that you have someone next to you
beneath this moon, this supposed-to-be-special moon
that you aren’t alone, that you’re full and happy
and satisfied with your life
while I sit here in my goodwill pajamas
and think about how the moon just looked like the moon
when I went out to see,
and alone in the dark, I was bitten by mosquitoes
trying to ken the specialness of the light in the sky
but maybe that’s not the case
you may be alone tonight
tired, vaguely, mysteriously unhappy
also unsatisfied
solitary in your bed with your accomplishments
chilly and hard, like reality
lined up beside you
where I could be, but not cold
not like this would-be super moon
something overblown by expectations
but warm and beyond the little
you expected of me
beyond it by a thousand times
still I sit here alone in the blue glow
of my computer and type these words
and you are not here
and whether you are alone or not
changes nothing.